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The Importance of Driveway Pressure Washing in Asheville, NC

Importance of  driveway pressure washing

Asheville and the surrounding areas have a unique climate. Up here in the mountains of Western North Carolina, we live in what is classed as a rainforest, and we receive a lot of our moisture from being in high elevations where we intersect with cloud cover. All this moisture and mild temperatures lead to a lot of algae growth on your Asheville driveway. So let’s explore why regular driveway cleaning is an important part of the upkeep of your home.

First, what homeowner wants to see black and green growth all over their property? Not me. All this black and green growth can be a major slip hazard in wet and icy conditions and be very unsightly to you and your neighbors. A slip and fall can be a major headache, as well as a liability issue.

Cracking and weed growth is a significant problem too. Without proper care on your Asheville driveway, cracks can form. This can be prevented with regular sealing of your concrete and other hard surfaces, but let’s focus on the cracks you might already have. Once a crack has formed, dirt and other organic material will start to gather in that spot and become perfect for weed growth. Once weeds begin to grow, they will begin to widen and lengthen that small crack. These larger cracks then become expensive to patch. Leave them to spread even more, and a whole new driveway may be needed.

Regular maintenance and cleaning is being done inside your home all the time, so why do we sometimes neglect the outside? After all, your neighbors probably aren’t seeing inside your Asheville home every day. Your home’s curb appeal is such an important part of being a good neighbor and homeowner, especially in communities that value their appearance.

So if you’re considering the daunting task of pressure washing your driveway, give the Pros at Triple Wide Pressure Washing a call. Our experienced staff uses a combination of biodegradable chemicals, hot water, and the perfect application of high pressure to give you the best clean possible.

We generally recommend yearly driveway cleaning in Asheville and the surrounding areas, along with semi-annual house washing. So give us a call and get a free estimate today.

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Let the driveway cleaning experts at Triple Wide Pressure Washing make your driveway look like new. Call us today at 828-575-6395 or complete our online request form.