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Composite Deck Installation in Asheville, NC

Composite deck

This Asheville client was not happy with the poor quality stain that was endlessly failing on their south facing porch. We explained their options for higher quality stains and composite decking; they opted for a composite deck rebuild. Composites have tons of advantages over traditional decking in terms of maintenance and lifespan. We removed all of the old wood decking and stairs in preparation for the composite, in this case Trex, to be installed. Preinstallation work is required for these rebuild in order to be sure the framing is absolutely flat and level, blocking is in place to support the new picture frame boards, and extra stringers added to the staircase to prevent bending or warping of the boards. We added strengthened and anchored railing posts and cable railing infill to complete a sleek modern look. If you have a deck that may be a good candidate for composite rebuilding, call Triple Wide Deck Restoration today!



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